New to WordPress

Since they closed up shop with Spaces, I figured I’d move my meager blog that technically hadn’t been updated since 2009 over here. I guess this is blog #4 or something. I don’t know. I had one on yahoo, windows spaces, live journal, tumblr and now this. Would it still be #4 or #5. Anyway, I think I’ll use this one to catalog Mom’s illness. A place to express my frustration and heartbreak over what Alzheimer’s is doing to my mother. Other than occasional facebook status updates with info, I’ve never really put it out there on the regular what’s going on. I guess this will be my place for that.


About stommieblu

A 40 something daughter whose Mother died of Alzheimer's Disease. I plan on using this as a place to vent my frustrations and sadness. And I probably will post other stuff.
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