Mom goes into respite care today

Today Mom goes into respite care at Springfield Residences for the first time. She doesn’t seem to phased about it at the moment. Who knows what’s gonna happen when we get there and I unpack her stuff, etc.
This is going to be a new experience for me. And for her. Usually she stays with Aunt Gwen. But because of the progression of the disease, she doesn’t feel comfortable having Mom over night. Sigh. I hope this is the right thing for her. I worry about her so much. What she must be going through. Of course my eyes start watering. Please God, keep her safe and let her be ok.



About stommieblu

A 40 something daughter whose Mother died of Alzheimer's Disease. I plan on using this as a place to vent my frustrations and sadness. And I probably will post other stuff.
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