The Bathtub

For some reason when I got up this morning Mom was in the bathtub. Not that she had run a bath because she would never do that. She hates bathing, water, etc. But I guess during her late night wanderings, she somehow found herself in the tub, with her back pressed against the spigot. Obviously uncomfortable. Even more of a challenge was getting her out of there. She didn’t want to stand. She didn’t want you to pull her. It was a challenge. I got her to sit up so she wasn’t pressed against the spigot. I got in behind her and eventually she was able to stand up with me supporting her back. Of course she’s now a bit wobbly but between the two of us, we got her back to bed.
Now that has to be one of the strangest sights I’ve seen in awhile. I have no idea why she even got in there. She has no idea either. She also pooped. Thankfully 75% of it was in the toilet. She also peed on the way to the bathroom last night. I was never able to get her to sit on the toilet. She has some things left over from when she had hip replacement surgery. Definitely have to find it and bring it upstairs. She needs help. Much more than I can provide. I’m gonna have to start visiting nursing homes now. Definitely get price lists, etc. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.


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