A Name

A few minutes ago my mom called my name. She was watching tv and Michelle Obama was giving an interview. Very flattering if she thought the First Lady was me. Lol. But just the fact that she said my name. It has been so long since she said my name. Just the sound of it from her lips warms me like nothing else in the world can. But she said my name. And it is the most beautiful thing in the world to me. Even if she wasn’t looking at me or anything like that. Just the fact that she said my name just… It’s very emotional for me. And heartwarming to know that somewhere in the confusion of her mind, my name is still there. Even if she can’t make the connection to my face or voice, a part of her knows me and that makes everything possible in my eyes. That she knows I’m with her. That I love her. Always.
I’m just gonna cry myself to sleep now. But for once there are happy tears mixed in with the sad ones.


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