It was one of those weekends where Mom didn’t want to get out of bed. Not even to go to the bathroom. So there’s some extra loads of laundry being done.
I know she has no control over these things. Intellectually I know this. But emotionally it hurts. Which obviously makes no sense whatsoever. I think it’s the combination of poop on the bathroom floor, poop & pee on the kitchen chair & peeing the bed. Once I’m fine emotionally. More then once & for some reason I take it personally. Like she’s saying F**K YOU!!! Which makes absolutely no sense at all. But it’s how I feel. And now out house smells like piss.


About stommieblu

A 40 something daughter whose Mother died of Alzheimer's Disease. I plan on using this as a place to vent my frustrations and sadness. And I probably will post other stuff.
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2 Responses to Piss

  1. I sometimes think that part of the frustration comes from not having an established time limit for this kind of problem to be over. When children are toilet training, you generally know that by the time they are into their toddler years it will be done (unless you’re like my son, whose disability kept him from fully training until very late, which is why I have even thought about this kind of thing at all.), so you tend to think, “I hate it but I can handle it for 2-3 years…” With an adult who is incontinent, you get into that murky moral quagmire of knowing that the only way it may come to an end is when they have passed on — and how big of a burden is THAT on your conscience?

    • stommieblu says:

      I don’t even want to think of that and yet it creeps into your thoughts. She has her good days and bad. We’re going thru a rough patch right now. I have to appreciate my good days better when we can sit & laugh and just be in each other’s company.
      My niece will tell me something her 17 month old did and my mom does something very similar. It’s scary how you start off learning all these skills to survive only to be robbed of them as you age. Circle of life I guess.

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