Brian Buckner, Wake up!

Excellent!! Buckner needs to get a clue!


Alexander Skarsgard 75

So all I have been hearing about is how Brian is all upset since he doesn’t feel he could have a cliff hanger on if Eric died or not.

Well, WAKE UP!!! You could have done it, held the information.  Supernatural does it, most TV shows do.  The Vampire Diaries did it with their star, Elena!  If you didn’t want to spill, you didn’t have to.  I, for one, am tired of you crying about how unfair it is.

Yes, fans were upset, including me.  Was I glad to get the information?  Well, hell yes!  But what I held out was hope since you guys didn’t show the gory end like you normally do.

As for the Sookie/Eric Romance.  Well hell yes I want that!  Anyone who knows me, knows I ship it!  But they also know I ship Hook/Emma in Once Upon a Time and that is unclear.  I also…

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