500 FREE Resources to Help with Resident to Resident Aggression – Dementia

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Eilon Caspi picTwo years ago in April, Eilon Caspi, a Gerontologist & Dementia Behavior Specialist, launched a blog called: The Center for Prevention of Aggression Between Residents with Dementia.   Since then he has posted over 500 free resources on the center. The goal of the center is to raise awareness and improve understanding regarding the root causes of prevalent but under-recognized behaviors.  In addition, it is his hope that with this information people will be able to apply strategies which could help prevent and de-escalate unwanted reactions, we like to label “behaviors.

Eilon also helps out on “Dementia Chats,” a webinar Alzheimer’s Speaks provides FREE of charge to those who want to ask questions and have a discuss with our panel of experts who are diagnosed and living with dementia.  The webinars are on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from  3pm to 4pm…

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