‘Dogs And Cats Living Together’: The Best Of Bill Murray’s ‘Ghostbusters’ Ad-Libs

Love his lines in Ghostbusters!!!



Bill Murray’s ability to convey hilarity through facial expressions is unprecedented, his knack for timing is uncanny, the ease in which he rifles off skewering darts poisoned with abnormal amounts of sarcasm is unparalleled. And then… there are his improvisational skills.

Improvisation, or ad-libbing, is a device that has been used since the dawn of cinema. Contemporary comedic talents like Paul Rudd, Melissa McCarthy, Will Ferrell, and more, have used the mechanism to great effect. But — except for maybe Robin Williams — has anyone conveyed such a knack for brilliantly going off-script than Murray? It’s a tough argument, and I’m sure everyone has their favorites, but I’m sticking with Bill F-ing Murray.

Ghostbusters is a film that perfectly illustrates Murray’s use of improvisation. Almost ALL of his lines in the original film were ad-libbed, which is quite a feat considering the sharpness of his delivery. With the special anniversary Blu-ray hitting tomorrow, here’s…

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