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A 40 something daughter whose Mother died of Alzheimer's Disease. I plan on using this as a place to vent my frustrations and sadness. And I probably will post other stuff.

This Week’s Most Exquisite TV Moment

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March 19-25 “Duet” | The Flash It’s been one heck of an exciting week on TV with Once Upon A Time kicking engagements into motion. Madam Secretary gave us further insight into Jay’s struggles at home. When Calls…

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MCC Live-Tweeting: The “Sleepy Hollow” Season 3 Finale

Originally posted on Midlife Crisis Crossover!:
In which Ichabbie bids us a clumsy, ill-conceived Ichabbye. Okay, after a self-mandated 24-hour cooling-off period, I think I’m ready to tackle that Friday night fiasco. Once upon a time, Midlife Crisis Crossover provided…

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What Shipping Richonne Taught Me About Racism

Originally posted on The Black Feminist Geek:
So if you haven’t watched last night’s episode of The Walking Dead and don’t want to be spoiled, consider this your warning. SPOILERS. SPOILERS EVERYWHERE. Now that that’s out of the way… Can…

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Intro to Celebrating Black Horror History

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HorrorAddicts Black History Month Intro to Celebrating Black Horror History By Sumiko Saulson I’m proud to be the host of “Celebrating Black Horror History” during the month of February 2016. I would like to invite…

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Master of Horror L.A. Banks and her contribution to Horror

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Black Women in Horror:  Master of Horror L.A. Banks and her contribution to Horror. “If my soul got jacked, where is it?” ― L.A. Banks Happy Black History Month! I want to start this out…

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The Candy Crush Adult Coloring Book Review

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Originally posted on The Adult Colorer:
Like many, I’ve had the shame of indulging in mindless hours of Candy Crush along with its sequel Soda Saga. Though the pay to win gameplay and social media begging for hearts doesn’t appeal…

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I Want You to F*** Me: An Exploration of Female Sexuality and The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Originally posted on The Lazy Audience:
Contains adult content Jim’s Dad: I have to admit, you know, I did the fair bit [hesitates] Masturbating when I was a little younger. I used to call it stroking the salami, yeah, you know,…

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